Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Cucamelons and a walk around the garden

 I'm chuffed to bits to be able to report that my cucamelons are starting to produce fruit.  They are straggly little plants and I'd wondered whether I ought to pick the first ones off to give the plant a chance to build up. Steve (Steve's Seaside allotment) says he would just leave them on so that's what I am going to do.

Baby Cucamelon

I have no idea whether the plant above is a chilli pepper or a Long Red Marconi. Time will tell.

The bed above has been planted with all manner of things to see how much I can grow in a small area.

The left had side is newly transplanted with Chilli peppers, Black Tuscan Kale and some spare Swedes. The right hand side has Celeriac and celery plants. There's still some spring onions to harvest from this bed but I am leaving them to form clumps.

The tub full of cabbage are coming along really well. I have harvested all the radish from in between the plants
Potatoes in the front tub and Sweetcorn in the back under planted with purple top turnips

Beautiful poppies next to a container of Sweetcorn and turnips

Peas starting to develop

Sunday, 13 June 2021

Garlic and carrots

 Some of my garlic is starting to keel over so I have pulled them up and am currently letting them dry before I bring them indoors to use. Alexander took some home with him yesterday and they are every bit as big as the ones we buy from the supermarket so I am really pleased with them

The carrots are coming along nicely on top of the log store and I used some of the thinning's to add to a beef stock that I made this morning. There's two different varieties and I sowed them a couple of weeks apart so we aren't inundated with carrots. 
Lovely healthy looking carrots

If the thinning's are anything to go by then I am going to have some lovely long carrots

Little golf ball sized carrots.  Perfect to grow in this tray

We have cucumbers

 My cucumber 'White Wonder  has surprised me this morning.  There's not one but two almost at a harvestable size. I've been watering it from the other side and hadn't noticed them growing so it was a lovely surprise to spot them this morning. The plant is growing outdoors in a very hot and sheltered spot next to my front door and is absolutely smothered in baby cucumbers.  I'm watering it twice a day as it's a thirsty brute  and it will be interesting to see what it tastes like.  It isn't as white as the promotional pictures but it certainly is a lot paler than a standard cucumber. 

My first cucumbers this year.

Thursday, 10 June 2021

Gone to seed--- Picture heavy

I've just cleared out a load of radish and spinach as it's started running to seed. In truth I am sick of the sight of radishes and they won't be missed. I sowed far too many and I won't do that again. There's only so many radish two people can eat. Even my neighbour is turning them down. 

Jerusalem Artichokes are starting to fly up now

The peas are smothered in flowers and I've planted Kalettes and Sprouts in the pallet bed.  There a row of marigold and busy lizzie in the front of these beds just for a splash of colour. There's coriander coming along nicely but all the spinach and radish had bolted so they are now in the compost bin

This bed is doing amazingly well though I've packed the veggies in a bit too close together.  There's Florence Fennel,  mini pumpkins, rainbow chard, Sprouts (for the leaves) Kale and a couple of red cabbage.

The onions and garlic are swelling nicely and  today I pulled a couple of garlic bulbs that were looking a bit droopy. The garlic is every bit as big as the ones I buy in the shops though it won't store too well so I will give some away to my son when we next see him. I'll clear out the onion bed in another month or so and then add a load more compost to refresh it.  Not sure yet what I will put in there.. Possibly some lettuce but I'll know a bit closer to the time
Onions and garlic on the left and Sprouts and cabbage on the right

If the cabbage does well I am planning on making enough Sauerkraut to last us through the winter as we both really like the taste of it

I had three spare sweetcorn and a red cabbage looking for a spot so I cleared the radish from this tub and popped them in there. They are flying up now

Sweetcorn underplanted with snowball turnip
The little turnips will be harvested long before they are swamped by the corn.... I hope  :-)

I've emptied the pot of mint that was sitting on the chimney pot.  We have a huge tub of mint in the front garden and I can use the pot for something else
Hostas are looking gorgeous

Grass seed starting to sprout on the bald bit.... At long last.

It's perfect gardening weather though we could do with a good downpour of rain now. It just needs to  give everything a thorough  drenching when it does rain to save me getting the hosepipe out. 

Monday, 7 June 2021


 I am trying to keep some flowers to encourage pollinating insects and don't these poppies look stunning. I put my hand next to the flower to give you an idea of size.

The wallflowers continue to flower and are pumping out the most gorgeous fragrance

Day Lilies 
The day lilies are edible though a little nondescript to be honest. I wouldn't want more than a few pieces of flower in a salad
The lupins are just finishing a first flush. The pink ones have been gorgeous but the blue ones tend to go brown from the bottom up really quickly.  I may well dig out the blue ones

Saturday, 5 June 2021

The trifid cucumber

 This is the cucumber that I have kept in the conservatory. I've tied a string to the brackets holding the blinds on and plan to let it weave its way along. The propagator isn't in use and is waiting to be put back down into the cellar. At the moment it's cluttering up the chest in the conservatory

The lights strung around the top of the blinds look pretty when we light them
on  a dark night

The dwarf French bean plants were looking a bit sickly so I have taken them out of the pedestal planter and brought it into the conservatory. We had a few pickings off but I won't plant them that way again. I prefer tomatoes to French beans so will just use the planter for tomatoes from now on. These are Micro Tom and they look a bit tired and leggy as they had to compete with the beans.  It won't take long for them to pick up now that they aren't being smothered. The conservatory is a better spot for them too as they were getting a bit scorched outside. The front of the house is a little sun trap and heat builds up very quickly there. The sun blazes down and has frizzled the poor little things

I'm really enjoying being able to see the skyline since the hedge was trimmed. It's made a huge difference to how much light comes into the back of the house.

Friday, 4 June 2021

Start of the orchard

 Next year when Tony retires we are considering moving to a small bungalow with a large garden. I want to grow even more veggies and if we can find a place with a big enough garden we will create a mini orchard. For this reason I have put the fruit trees that arrived today into big pots. It means we can pick them up and move them with no disturbance to the roots.

In the meantime they can sit in their pots and get their roots established