Wednesday 29 May 2024

Cheap stacking planter

 Yesterday while in town we called into one of the cheap shops for a quick browse.  I'm so pleased I did as I managed to find some of the cheap stacking planters that I've wanted for ages. They are very cheaply made but at £1.25 for each tier they're perfect for growing herbs. I might buy another set and plant some strawberry plants. 

Sunday 26 May 2024

Home grown vegetables

 Yesterday I used my own home grown ⁸lettuce leaves as wraps for some delicious spicy chicken and veg low carb wraps  I picked radish,  tiny courgettes and fennel from the garden and added slices of home grown cucumber.  I garnished them with chive flowers for a nice hit of onion.  The only shop bought veg were a couple of cherry tomatoes. In a few weeks time we'll be eating our own tomatoes too.

Wednesday 22 May 2024

Home grown lunch

 For lunch today we have had ham and salad buns. The beetroot, cucumber and lettuce all home grown.  I walked into the garden to pick the lettuce minutes before we ate it. The beetroot I picked and pickled the other week and the cucumber is my first one of the year

Monday 20 May 2024

Harvesting my first cucumber

 I'm absolutely delighted at the size of the cucumber that Tony cut for me yesterday. The second one on the plant isn't all that much smaller and the little mini bush cucumber plants are covered in tiny cukes. Tomatoes are coming along nicely and well be eating our first homegrown ones in a few weeks time.

Lettuce is looking amazing and the radish will be ready in a few days. It's all a growing.

Tuesday 14 May 2024

Planting out my cucumbers

 This morning I've chanced my arm and planted out some spare cucumber plants and some cucamelon. It's forecast to rain so they'll get a good watering in which should help them get established.  My tomato plants are doing really well both indoors and out and my Uchiki kuri squash look really healthy.  The bright yellow  Banana Song, courgette is covered in tiny fruit so I'm hoping the temperature doesn't drop too much in the coming weeks.  

Thursday 9 May 2024

Growing potatoes for free

 About three or four weeks ago I peeled some shop bought Melody potatoes. I didn't peel them thickly but the skins were so full of shoots that it seemed a shame to chuck them out.  After leaving them to dry for a few days I potted them into small pots and waited till shoots appeared before potting them into bigger pots.  I've just used a big plastic tub that had been blowing around my friend's street for about three weeks.  The compost was free from the local authority and the pine bark was given to me free last year. The only cost is a couple of pence worth of straw. They don't even actually need the straw but it looks nice on the surface of the pots. 

My carrots are sprouting in the Greenstalk so they'll be ready to pick later in the year. Radish will be ready to eat in a couple of weeks and I'm going to plant some in a pot and let them go to seed and develop pods to eat.  I have a decent size cucumber growing in the porch and a couple of Florence fennel that overwintered in one of my veg beds is big enough to cut bits off

Wednesday 8 May 2024

Planting tomatoes outdoors

 I've finally had to move some of my tomato plants out of pots and into the ground ad I've run out of space.  I'm planning on moving some squash outdoors as soon as I have time as they are getting really big now.